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Scared money is dead money?

October 26, 2008

“Scared money is Dead money”, A phrase commonly heard in and around the Poker environment. I think it’s good for two lessons and Since I’ve heard this phrase, I STILL HAVEN’T learned.. I can’t play good poker, when in my head I’m thinking, “If i lose this, I’ll have no money until my next paycheck.” AND , not only that, but my life seems to be a LITTLE bit harder when I spend (or lose) money that is supposed to be used on other things, Particularly more important things. Such as money for my classes, money for the books I’m going to need in those classes, money for a parking permit, money for my RENT, food.. etc. etc. If the point isn’t clear here, I’ll go ahead and say it bluntly. Don’t use money you don’t have and Keep your needs and Wants in check!! Sounds simple but I think a lot of people don’t realize that these 2 ideas can be the reason why their lives aren’t where they want it to be. It doesn’t have to be gambling away money like I have in the past, but using money in a less that optimum way is a waste. If your money isn’t working for you/giving you returns.. You are essentially throwing away money. Of course necessities(shelter, food, water, keeping the girlfriend happy) don’t fall into that category. In economics, there’s other costs and benefits besides CAPITAL , but I’ll ramble about that in another blog post. If you see that new gadget you want, and you feel the need to have it, more often than not.. You don’t need it and after a few weeks you’ll be done with it and craving for a new gadget. So two choices, Either hold off and save your money(and maybe put that money towards something that can make your money grow) OR buy the gadget and feel good for a while. =]

Of course it’s your decision. Just like choosing the president.

Barack Obama or John McCain

Personally, I choose Obama.


Of course, Its easier said than done. It really is a change of lifestyle for many, including I. But if we, Start holding back on our wants. We will most likely have money that we didn’t know we had. =]